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Sebastian Eastwood BA(Hons) DipHyp MIAEBP - Skilled hypnotherapist and cognitive therapist.
The Edinburgh Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic. Professional hypnotherapy, cognitive therapy, and counselling in the heart of Edinburgh

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Down-to-earth professional hypnotherapy for the lovely people of Edinburgh and beyond.
Comfy chairs endowed with cushions for the ladies...sorry chaps, you're welcome to put them on the floor if you want.
A private chill-out space for you to get your head together, stop smoking, lose weight, or all of the above, nestled in the heart of Edinburgh
Hypnotherapy for weight loss, stopping smoking, addictions, anxiety, obsessions, compulsions, stress, physical symptoms, sexual problem and more

The Edinburgh Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic. Providing professional psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling services in central Edinburgh.

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I know you want to look at the pictures but have a read of this first OK? In this intro bit I used to have some chat about 'breaking free' and 'living the life that you want' and all that wishy-washy stuff that therapists are always harping on about. I’m a fairly young bloke so I thought I’d replace it with something a bit more down to earth that ordinary folks like you and I can relate to. Let's try this on for size:

Seb Eastwood in The Edinburgh Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic. Get help for anxiety, depression, sexual problems, smoking and more.
This is me by the way, doing the whole 'woolly jumper therapist routine'.

Are you tired of feeling like crap most of the time? Or do you have a weird little thing that you do in private that you don’t want anyone to know about? How about freaky thoughts, feelings and behaviours? Does something give you the heebie-jeebies? Or have you got an embarrassing secret that keeps you awake at night? Do you feel like a bit of a failure? Or are you in physical or emotional pain? Do you feel a bit wobbly or nervous for no apparent reason? No matter what the problem, it’s my job to help you sort all that stuff out.

I know you’re not a crazy person, in fact I’m certain you’re pretty damn awesome, but if you’ve got this little part of your life that is causing some concern or getting you down, let me help you out with that! I’ve dedicated years to learning about the human mind, the way our brain works, the causes of behaviour, symptoms, and all the rest of it, and I’ll continue to do so throughout my career. I do it because I passionately believe that well-informed, sensible therapy, can really improve the quality of people’s lives and make the world a chirpier place.

Quick Facts About The Edinburgh Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic:




Unresolved problems can seriously hold you back in life and stop you getting the most out of life

People from all walks of life come to see me with all sort of different problems and symptoms

Sessions with me take a few weeks, not a few years

I never lead clients or force them to go places that they don’t want to go as there’s simply no therapeutic benefit to it

I never make any guarantees, but many problems are fixable

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How Seb can help...

Using psychotherapy or hypnotherapy Seb can help with a wide range of symptoms and problems. Often people consult Seb because they are suffering from something inside themselves that seems outside of their control. Alternatively, typical clients are either doing something that they don't want to do, or not doing something that they should be doing.

Whether you fit into either of these categories or not, it is important to realise that help is at hand. Seb has a very relaxed and easy-going manner and isn't easily shocked or offended. His down-to-earth approach makes the sessions fun and enjoyable. While it is perfectly natural to feel a bit nervous when seeing a therapist for the first time, Seb makes every effort to put you at ease so that you can confidently work through your problems in a private and comfortable environment.

Professional Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy and Counselling services being carried out at the Edinburgh Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic.
Engaging sessions to help you quickly get control of your life

Take advantage of a FREE initial consultation.

Seb offers a FREE consultation period in which you are welcome to come along and chat about your situation in a relaxing setting. This gives you the opportunity to meet Seb in person and gain some valuable insight into your situation so that you can make an informed decision regard your treatment options. If you are uncertain as to whether therapy is right for you, or you are embarrassed about going for therapy, why not read Seb's thoughts on this matter here. You are welcome to contact Seb at any time via phone or email in order to ask any questions you may have or to book your FREE initial consultation.

My Promise to You...

Today, more people than ever are seeking the services of counsellors andThe Boss...and only employee. therapists. There are two major reasons for this. The first reason is that social attitudes have changed considerably. Many years ago consulting a therapist had a slight stigma attached to it, nowadays people see it as a respectable, reasonable, and, dare I say it, even trendy thing to do! The second reason is that modern living can place a huge amount of pressure on people, whether in the form of finances, relationships, life-style, looks, career, parenting, time, and so on. My promise to you is that if you decide to consult me with your problem I will treat you with the respect, dignity, and professionalism that you deserve. I appreciate that it can be difficult to find the funds to undergo a course of therapy and therefore I endeavour to do everything within my professional capacity to ensure that the money you spend with me is money well spent.

Feel free to browse through my site and see how I can be of service to you. If you are currently struggling to cope with fear or anxiety please make sure that you check out the FREE TIPS AND ADVICE section where you can find information on how to instantly manage worry and stress. Please see also the About Seb tab, where you can get to know me a little better. Thank you once again for taking the time to browse through my site. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sebastian Theodore Eastwood-Bloom BA (Hons) DipHyp MIAPH

Some Excerpts From Recent Testimonials...

"I have my life back thank you Seb, from me & my family." FB, Borderline Personality Disorder / Suicide


"Professional and welcoming at the same time! The end result is a happier, more productive me and I have him to thank for everything!" AH, Bruxism / Alexithymia


"I originally booked an appointment with Seb to help me deal with exam stress and the affect it was having on my M.E. I have now passed all my exams and no longer have any symptoms of M.E." LM, Exam Nerves / M.E.


"What I like about Seb is that he is very straightforward, down to Earth and honest. I would highly recommend Seb to anyone and am confident they will be as pleased as I have been." IF, Stress


"Having worked with Seb for a few weeks on a couple of areas, it's amazing how much this has helped...I now feel confident knowing that no matter what comes my way, I have the right tools and knowledge to overcome any difficulties". SS, Anxiety / Confidence


"I would absolutely recommend Seb to anyone who wants to deal with any issue that they have - he is warm, engaging, enthusiastic, genuine and above all, very easy to confide in. I will never look back and the future is bright." LLT, Bulima / Weightloss / Self-Esteem

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