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Find out how Seb can help you overcome your symptoms with an amazing new approach called Cognitive Brain Training. Discover how traditional approaches like Analytical Therapy can free you from unnecessary emotional baggage. Learn how Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you deal with problems and overcome obstacles. Read More

Find out why hypnotherapy is one of the most effective methods of stopping smoking, and discover how my unique stop smoking method combines Cognitive Brain Training with Clinical Hypnotherapy to help you tackle the habit at both the conscious and subconscious levels making it twice as effective as traditional hypnotherapy!  Read More

Discover the little known reasons as to why people frequently put weight back on after losing it in the first place, and learn how you can lose weight quickly and effectively with a combined approach of Clinical Hypnotherapy and an amazing new technique called Cognitive Brain Training. Read More.







The Edinburgh Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic provides professional psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and counselling services to Edinburgh City Centre, Broughton, Bruntsfield, Clermiston, Comely Bank, Dalry, Dean Village, East End, Fountain Bridge, Grass Market, Haymarket, Holyrood, Inverleith, Leith, Lauriston, Marchmont, Mayfield, Meadowbank, Morningside, New Town, Newington, Old Town, Oxgangs, Polworth, Portobello, Stockbridge, Toll Cross, and West End.

A Very Warm Welcome to The Edinburgh Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic



Hello and welcome to The Edinburgh Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy Clinic. I'm Sebastian Eastwood and I run the clinic out of comfortable private offices in central Edinburgh. Are you fed up of feeling out of control? Or do you have a little thing that you do in private that you don’t want anyone to know about? How about worrisome thoughts, feelings and behaviours? Does something give you the heebie-jeebies? Or do you just feel that life could be better somehow?


Don't worry, I know you’re not crazy, in fact I’m sure you’re great, but if you’ve got this little part of your life that is causing some concern or getting you down, let me help you out with that! I’ve dedicated years to learning about the human mind, the way our brain works, the causes of behaviour, symptoms, and all the rest of it, and I’ll continue to do so throughout my career. I do it because I passionately believe that well-informed, sensible therapy, can really improve the quality of people’s lives and help make the world a chirpier place.


How To Get The Most Out Of This Site


It's perhaps best to start by reading 'Everything You Need To Know In 30 Seconds...' below and then take a look at the Symptoms page to read up about your particular issue. From there go on to explore the How Seb Can Help page which links out to the different services that I offer. After that feel free to learn a bit about me and read any other articles you're interested in, then, if you feel this is something that may help, please get in touch to book your FREE initial consultation.

Everything You Need To Know In 30 Seconds...

















I offer a FREE initial consultation so that you can discuss your situation with me in privacy and comfort. It gives you the chance to see if you feel comfortable with me, and gives me the opportunity to listen to your case and see if I'm suited to help you.


I offer several different services to suit your needs. Sometimes people have a clear idea about what they want, sometimes people prefer to seek my advice on the best course of action.


Sessions with me take a few weeks, not a few years. In fact, I'm so confident that I can help you in a relatively short space of time that any sessions over the 15 week mark are free of charge. The average duration of treatment is somewhere between 3 - 10 weeks.


If you want to sort a problem out without getting emotional, dragging up the past, revealing guilty secrets, or any of that other traditional 'therapy stuff', then a new approach called Cognitive Brain Training is just the thing for you.


Everyone has things they'd like to change, get over, start, stop, or improve on. Consulting a therapist doesn't mean you're weird, it means you're normal!

By Sebastian T. Eastwood-Bloom BA(Hons) MIAEBP

Growth. Happiness. Freedom.

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